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The Money Tree (Part 3)

Following from the previous The Money Tree blog we are now looking at reasons for not increasing taxes on the wealthy. Reason 1: High taxes reduce investment, thus reducing the support for businesses/entrepreneurs, increasing unemployment and decreasing growth. This is related to Reason 2 – High taxes are a disincentive to individuals to make money.… Read More »

How it was: Labour Profligacy & UK Debt (Part 4)

So how it was is mostly not how it is remembered or described. The Conservative statements on Labour’s record referring to ‘Labour Profligacy’ (many factually wrong) trumped Labour’s poor/defensive statements defending it. The misrepresentations are of course repeated indefinitely – for example see Mail on Sunday, 9 July, 2017, p12 by Simon Walters: “reckless Labour… Read More »

How it was: Labour Profligacy & UK Debt (Part 2)

Previously I looked at the media presentation of Labour’s role in the financial crisis, now lets have a look at the evidence for Labour Profligacy. Chart D.13t The debt during the Labour administration 1997-2008 (pre-crisis) was less that that under conservative governments after 1980 except for a few years around 1990. By 2008 the debt… Read More »